Pediatric Specialty Services

The pediatric eye doctors at Artisan Pediatric Eye Care provide much more than comprehensive eye exams for children. From ocular urgent care to assessment and treatment of complex vision problems, our doctors provide care for pediatric patients that others do not.


Ocular Urgent Care

Our pediatric eye doctors reserve time for same-day urgent care appointments. When your child has an eye emergency you need care that only a pediatric eye doctor can provide. Our doctors are residency-trained and have the knowledge, expertise, and exam equipment necessary to ensure that your child's eyes are on the road to recovery. The right care at the right time means that your child's eyes will feel better faster.


Athlete Vision Assessment

 Every competitive athlete needs a sports vision specialist as part of their care team, regardless of the athlete's age. The visual system is critical to sports performance - impacting depth perception, eye-hand coordination, reaction speed, and overall sports performance. During an Athlete Vision Assessment our sports vision specialist, Dr. Ryan Johnson, evaluates the visual skills that affect sports performance; identifying areas of visual strengths as well as visual deficits. Prescribed treatment can include competition-specific correction (glasses or contacts), a customized sports vision training program, or a combined approach to maximize game performance.


Binocular Vision Assessment

 The Binocular Vision Assessment is recommended for individuals who struggle to reach their full potential academically, even though previous eye doctors may have told them that they have 20/20 vision. A Binocular Vision Assessment evaluates the function of the visual system, and the ability to use the two eyes together in a coordinated manner. Common symptoms include headaches, blurry vision, double vision, slow reading rate, poor reading retention, deficits in working memory, and slow processing speed. Our doctors are residency-trained in the areas of binocular vision and binocular vision deficits. This specialized training uniquely qualifies our doctors to diagnose and treat binocular vision dysfunctions that other doctors cannot.


Functional Vision Assessment

 The Functional Vision Assessment is an important assessment for children who have Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) or low vision. This assessment evaluates how and to what degree the vision deficit is affecting daily living skills and the ability to learn. A Functional Vision Assessment is usually not recommended for children who are totally blind or have light perception only. A Functional Vision Assessment identifies a child's visual strengths and limitations. This allows our residency-trained doctor to prescribe visual modifications or adaptations that allow the child to interact with their visual environment to the best of their ability. Our doctors are devoted to helping vision-impaired children, and routinely serve as members of the child's multidisciplinary care team. It is important to remember that a child's visual condition and abilities do change over time as a child develops. For this reason, the Functional Vision Assessment needs to be repeated periodically and visual modifications updated.


At Artisan Pediatric Eyecare you will find a team of residency trained pediatric optometrists and a professional staff trained to work with children; providing exceptional care in our child and family centered environment. We invite you to experience the difference. Call our office to schedule an appointment for your child.