Athlete Vision Assessment

Vision is an important factor in peak athletic performance, whether you consider yourself a weekend warrior or a competitive athlete – visual performance matters. An Athlete Vision Assessment with Idaho's sports vision expert, Dr. Ryan C. Johnson, can provide an accurate assessment of your current visual capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Unlike other optometrists, Dr. Johnson combines his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with his residency training in binocular vision and neuro-optometry. This advanced training makes Dr. Johnson uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat even the most complex sports vision cases, including post-concussion vision syndrome.

For players 17 years of age and older, the Athlete Vision Assessment is tailored to evaluate the performance level, consistency, and stamina of sport specific vision skills. For players younger than 17 years of age, a Youth Athlete Vision Assessment is recommended. 

The Athlete Vision Assessment with Dr. Ryan C. Johnson is not a routine eye exam. It is the first step to better visual performance.

The Athlete Vision Assessment includes sport specific evaluation and testing of:

  • Accommodation / convergence (focusing)
  • Anticipation timing
  • Contrast sensitivity
  • Dominant eye
  • Eye teaming / depth perception (stereopsis)
  • Glare vision and recovery
  • Ocular motilities
  • Peripheral awareness
  • Speed of recognition
  • Static visual acuity
  • Visual concentration

Our Athlete Vision Assessment for individuals 17 years of age and older, is designed for players of all abilities, including:

  • The sports enthusiast - seeking greater enjoyment of a sport or recreational activity, such as tennis or golf, or to improve general level of play. 
  • The highly competitive athlete - looking to leave the competition in the dust – committed to taking the game to the next level

Whether your individual sports goals is casual, competitive, or somewhere in between – we're here to help. Dr. Johnson can prescribe competition specific lenses (contact lenses or eyeglasses), provide consultation on the prevention and management of sports-related injuries (including post-concussion vision syndrome), or prescribe a sports-specific vision skills training program to enhance visual performance.

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