Preparing for Your Child's Eye Exam

At Artisan Pediatric Eyecare we believe an eye exam does not need to be a stressful event. You will find our team of pediatric professionals ready to help provide a positive experience – from the first hello to parting smiles, we're here to help.

The initial exam sets the tone for how a child will feel about visits to the eye doctor. For young children, making the appointment earlier in the day can make the experience more comfortable. For most children it is helpful that they arrive well rested (please avoid appointments during regular nap times) and with full tummies (a snack on the way to our office is recommended). We want to help make your child's eye exam engaging and educational.



We encourage you to prepare your child for the eye exam, which will help reduce fear and anxiety that some children experience in a new environment or around new people. Prior to the appointment it is helpful to explain why they are coming to see us – make the experience sound interesting, let them watch videos on our website so they can "meet" their doctor ahead of time.

Many child experts believe that comparing instruments used during the eye exam to familiar objects at home can make the exam less frightening for the child. Parents can compare the eye chart to a puzzle, and eye instruments to a flashlight, kaleidoscope and binoculars.


It is important to know that our residency trained pediatric optometrists, not technicians, perform the eye exam. The doctors at Artisan Pediatric Eyecare have in-depth knowledge on the full range of vision conditions affecting children, and each of our doctors is known for having a friendly personality and engaging children during the exam. Our doctors take extra care to ensure each child is comfortable throughout the exam, and enjoy answering questions in kid terms. Providing your child the best experience possible is our number one priority.

As you schedule an appointment for your child, please allow about an hour. The time needed for the exam varies based upon the child's needs, conditions, and extent of the vision or ocular health condition. It is important to allow enough time to complete a thorough examination and discuss treatment options.

Thank you for helping us provide the best experience possible for your child. If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to give us a call at 208-900-3336. Your child is our first priority and we're here to help.